Download HTC Sense GO Launcher For Android Devices

HTC Launcher – HTC Sense GO Launcher EX Theme

HTC launcher comes as a free version for all android devices. The launcher is available in the Google play store, ready to download.

The specifications of this launcher are really lucrative for all those android device users who want to apply the htc feel to their smartphone. It comes with a package size of 2.9MB and is compatible with android version of 2.0 and above. The current version 1.0 is up for grabs. So while you get hold of this launcher, let us look at the specifications of this launcher and how much of an advantage it will create for you.

  • It gives you the perfect feeling of HTC Sense 4.0, as if you are using an htc phone.
  • The color, style, textures, font and UI options augment the htc package and the final output is a treat to use.
  • The HTC sense style icons are immaculate and resemble the exact style and textures of the original htc. So it’s actually a launcher will launches an htc phone within your android device.
  • The dial icon, menu icon, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube – all are an exact imitation of genuine htc phones.
  • A wide array of wallpapers comes with this package. Your home screen will now be an elegant piece of a window and your android device usage will be even sweeter.
  • It has a default Go Launcher but with the advent of new HTC Sense style folder interface, the experience has increased manifold. It has also got new menu icons interface, which is a latest addition to the existing list of attractive features.

Download HTC Sense GO Launcher For Android Devices

These themes do not work if you don’t have HTC Go launcher installed in your phone. This provides the platform for the themes to operate. It cannot operate individually on its own. While you are working with this, do not open the app directly after it has been installed in the device as it may cripple the operating speed of your device. The right way to choose is to go to “MENU”, then “Themes” and finally select HTC themes. While newer versions of themes are available for ice cream sandwich, you may download it anytime to use it.

If one has an android device, such as Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Note 3, the procedure to induct the launcher in the device is the same and mentioned above. If your device shows something unnecessary or erratic, don’t panic. It may sometimes run into trouble, so just switch off your device in order to reboot it once again. Open the app just by clicking it, and install it. Once the installation procedure is over, you may try out the different fonts, textures, shapes and display according to your wish. All the necessary procedures are mentioned above and it should not create further trouble. So, here is your chance to transform your device into a brand new htc phone, albeit virtually. So while you carry an android device, your friends will surely be surprised by the htc feel. Enjoy!!

Download HTC Launcher Here : Play Store