Why Blizzard launcher Is Removed From The Web | The Controversial Blizzard launcher

Blizzard Launcher – An Aid against Attack

Blizzard launcher is actually a utility application which was designed to protect from and detect Trojan viruses and third party invasion. It’s basically a utility application introduced with patch 1.8.3 to provide news feeds and links and nominal set of pre-launch configuration options for the actual game and patch downloader.

Google play has recently decided to dock this launcher from its market as a newer version has already arrived to decrease its popularity. But it’s still a popular launcher among technology geeks and following are some of the features that it comprises of:-

  1. It acts as a scanner and it alerts the user about the invasion of malicious software. Basically it acts as a shield against malicious software.
  2. It updates the games and helps to patch.
  3. It has an options button whose function is to show the option panel.
  4. Pre launch game preferences are minimal and quite uncomplicated.
  5. It patches downloader preferences and this option is present in the option panel.

It also has buttons to show web links panel and as a result holds an advantage. Community page link, forums page web link, technical support page web link and parental controls page web link are some of the links which are offered to you.

However, in spite of being loaded with such exciting features, it has its share of controversies too as many have complained that it breached the privacy of their system with the promise of scanning the computer for malicious contents. It disobeys the default browser settings of windows and runs the internet explorer whenever any link is clicked. Many have also opined that it actually distorts the security behaviour of their system which is de facto present in the computer. Now this is a grave issue and needs to be handled as soon as possible.

The Blizzard launcher is currently removed from the Play Store and App Store and is not available for download officially.