App Of The Week Class Dojo | Download Class Dojo For PC, Android, iOS

Class Dojo :

Class Dojo is an amazingly helpful app designed by Class Twist Inc. for the purpose of education productivity. Teachers cannot only keep track of all the students’ behaviors easily but also improve it simultaneously. The behavioral records are captured by the app and they can simply be shared with the parents and management team. It can be installed on iPhones as well as iPads by the teachers.
This app has made it easier for teachers to provide their students a positive behavioral feedback. Teachers can use this app to give their students positive behavior feedback and manage their classes, while parents can check on their child’s progress at school. Students are also encourages to keep good behavior and do well in classroom. In return they get to earn ‘Dojo’ points, which prove to be good bait for them. It makes classroom environment light like a game.

App Of The Week Class Dojo | Download Class Dojo For PC, Android, iOS

This practical app can help teachers to maintain lesson’s pace while keeping track of students’ behaviors. This makes it extremely simple a job for the teachers to create reports. Through this app parents can also stay very well informed about their children’s progress. They just need to ask for a parental code from the teacher, using which they can easily sign up on the app and view how their child is doing in school.

Key Features Of Class Dojo:

  • Available free of cost for teachers.
  • Right after signing up on the app, teachers can be benefitted with a demo lesson about an ideal classroom.
  • Provision of simple yet highly informative interface.
  • Points-based system is included in order to keep a fine track of pupils’ behaviors.
  • Facility to take students’ attendance.
  • Students’ progress can be seen in graphical representation just by one tap on the phone.
  • Share with parents, observations that have been made about their children so as to ensure their all-round development.
  • Establishes good connection between teachers and parents.

Class Dojo For PC :

As Class Dojo is a native web based application, the users ( Teacher, Parent and Student) can register and start using it. Though, the Parents are allowed to track the behavioral progress of their children while the reports are being loaded by teachers.

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