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WordOn :

WordOn HD is a beautiful game that will screw up your brain with its simple use of alphabets. WordOn is a perfect blend of brain storming and beautiful graphics. WordOn as with the name seems quite easy, a simple game play environment but with tricky concept. All you have to do is, use your brain and make a word on your word board and force your opponent and grant him no mercy to use alphabets from the word “WordOn”.

It’s not just about a particular round! Your opponent will try to use the alphabets that you previously used to add him up with additional points, so try and use alphabets that will haunt him for several rounds. A player sending a “Q” in one of his round, but is in desperate need of “E”, will surely understand the meaning of word FUN.

WordOn is available in six different languages, English, German, Spanish, French and Italian. So a user can choose to play the game in the language he feels comfortable. Additional translation support has also been added up for Swedish and Norwegian players. The game is expected to get an update with a list of supporting languages.

The best thing about this game is that you can simply connect with your Facebook friends and challenge them to play hard against you.

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Features Of WordOn:

You can play this game with your friends logged on to Facebook or you can simply play with a random global user. You have to play the game turn by turn. A chance given to you, to make a word of your thought will be followed by the manipulation by your opponent and so on.

You can play a number of games parallel with this one.

If you are having a hard time in understanding the game rules and concept, you are additionally provided with built-in game tutorials that you can watch and learn to play the game.

You can also boast to your opponent via a built-in chat support.

A list of previously used words has been managed for your ease with proper statistatical reports.

Each time you win a round you are given coins; the number of coins is completely dependent on the word you made. Use your earned coins to buy stars and unlock special features of the game play.

There are weekly tournaments organized, you can compete against your Facebook friends and have a chance to win additional coins and stars.

How To Play WordOn

WordOn is a very simple game; you stand against your opponent turn by turn. You have been provided with a word board in which you have to use alphabets to make words of your choice. Each alphabet will grant you with a number of coins depending upon how it has been used. The previous round’s alphabets will cost you more if used by your opponent. One thing to notice, from the word “WordOn” you can force your opponent to choose an alphabet which will make him play hard. There are some additional features or can say special powers that you can use.

With PASS you are bound to not to swipe letters and your turn will simply pass.

There may be chances when you simply want to confuse your opponent, so you can simply use SWAP to swipe up two letters with some new ones.

There may be chances when some words might be slipping out of your mind, so you can use HINT.

There are some cases when your score will be multiplied like 3xL with triple letter and +10 will give you 10 additional coins to your coin bag.

Play attention to what you type, force your opponent to use letters from WordOn” and make him pay.

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