Download WordOn HD For iPad and iPhone | WordOn HD For iOS

WordOn HD :

WordOn HD is one of the top ranked word puzzle games available on the iOS platform. WordOn is a complete freeware and is easily available on Apple store for iPhone, iPhone 5 and iPad. This is a product of Flare Games and is a very small package of 25 MB, with easy to install features.

WordOn, at first it seems to be much uncomplicated, but as soon as you get to learn about more and more features this game will make you scratch up your hairs completely. WordOn is a very tricky game where you have to play turn by turn against a single opponent. You have been provided with a row word board where you have to make simple words by using alphabets turn by turn. In order to fetch more coins and win, you have to make sure that your opponent uses as much as the alphabets from the word “WordOn”, the more alphabets he uses from this word the more coins you will be get. At the end of the round, total coins are calculated from both the players. The player with maximum number of coins wins the round. In exchange of coins you can get stars, stars will allow to unlock more and more special effects and features of the game.

Download WordOn HD For iPad and iPhone | WordOn HD For iOS

The good thing about WordOn is that you can play it with your friends via connecting with Facebook. So, challenge your friends who boast about their mind skills and make them fall hard. WordOn has a support of 6 different languages including Italian, French, Spanish, German and English. More updates will follow with more language support.

Download WordOn For iPhone and iPad Here : iTunes – App Store

Key Features Of  WordOn HD Game:

This is a multiplayer game so you can connect with your Facebook account to play this game with your friends or any normal user. With weekly tournaments, you can stand against your Facebook friends from your friend list and stay on top of the leader board.
For users not being able to understand the game concept, there are additional video tutorials that will guide you step by step and will make you learn the rules.
There is in built-chat support, you can talk to your opponent via sending text messages and tease him for a bad move.
Proper statistics are prepared about all the previous words you compiled, details of all your moves played before are en-listed.
You are awarded coins for a win, in exchange of coins you can buy stars and hence additional special features like PASS, HINT, SWAP and many more options.

WordOn HD Game Play :

WordOn is a very simple but tricky game where you have to fight against your opponent in turn by turn chase. On the row word board to have to compile new words that of course makes some sense and force your opponent to bow down against you. Force him to use letters from the word “WordOn” and win additional coins. The previous round word has a lot to play in this game, if your opponent uses the alphabets that were once used by you, you will surely be penalized for it. There are some additional features or can say special powers that you can use.

  • PASS: You will not have to make a move, you chance will be skipped.
  • SWAP: You can swap one or two alphabets with the ones you like to confuse your opponent.
  • HINT: Word hints are also provided in case you are forgetting.

Special Multipliers and Coin adders have been added to enhance the quality and game play fun.

Pay attention to what you type, force your opponent to use letters from WordOn” and make him play. He might also use the same concept so try to make a good strategy before selecting the word.

So, get ready to test your brains with WordOn. Get it installed on your iOSs and have fun.