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WordOn- Mind bender puzzle for Android

WordOn, developed by flaregames, is a complicated yet interesting word puzzle game for people who like brain games. It is a multiplayer game that gives you an opportunity to play it with either your pals or other opponents. The game has been recently updated and is rocking the world of Android phone games. It requires 2.2 or up Android and can be easily given room in the phone as the size that this game comes with is just 18 MB. The best thing about WordOn is that it is available in six different languages and you can play according to your choice of tongue.

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  • As we know this is a multiplayer game, it is played turn by turn.
  • You cannot only play with others but also view their profiles by clicking on the ‘Avatar’ displayed for each player.
  • You can play several other games simultaneously.
  • Tutorial that is provided with the game really assists in playing well.
  • Chatting option is also available through which you can tell your friends about your playing skills and all.
  • It saves complete history of words that have been played.
  • You can win coins and stars through those played words that will further help in unlocking special features of the game.
  • Once you become an experience holder, go and challenge your Facebook pals to face you in weekly tournaments.

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How To Play

Apparently this game seems very simple to be played, like putting sensible words together in an orderly manner in a row. But the field of the game is what makes it challenging. You need to win by putting your opponent in difficult situations by giving them strange characters that they won’t be easily able to make use of. A lot of creative puzzle sorting skills are required to excel in it. The game becomes exciting when you have to earn more and more coins and stars than your opponent. Whoever is able to win more of the rewards, he/she gets special features unlocked for him/her.

There is a “W” spot in the WordOn field and the letters that are shown on it are the ones you can give your opponent. You need to be cautious which letter are you allotting to your opponent. Similarly you will also get WordOn tiles, using which you will simply double your scores and leaving them will unfortunately call for a penalty. Someone who wants to become an expert in the game can always activate Wordalyzer and try to make the five coin word.

When you face difficulties there are several options for you. Hint is also provided to you in the game if you ask for. Other option you can use is “Swap” which is used when you are stuck somewhere and want to discard away two letters to get the new ones. This swapping however will cost a turn of yours but nevertheless it can save you from difficulties. While “swap all” is yet another option will cost two stars and not your turn for giving you a complete set of new letters to play with. Lastly, if the pile gets empty and you won’t be able to do swapping, “Pass” is what you will have to say.