Top 5 S Pen Features For Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 2

Top 5 S Pen Features :

Note is a revolutionary smartphone series which has changed the world’s view upon Styluses. S Pen, as Samsung calls it, comes in handy in so many ways, that you feel that something is not so right and incomplete,when you use a phone without S Pen. Here is the list of top 5 S Pen features, which we have compiled keeping in mind the aspects of maximum productivity and how useful the feature can be.

Top 5 S Pen Features - Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Note 2

1. Double Tap To Open Short Note:

This is by far the most usable feature. It may appear simple, but whenever you need to note down a quick tip or a short note, you just need to take out your S Pen, click and hold the Action button and double tap on the screen. A short note appears and you can write, draw or type in, just as you would do on a Sticky Note. Note users no longer need to worry about carrying a pen or finding a paper. Everything is at their fingertips, and S Pen is their magic wand.

2. Pen Window:

This feature is available only on Note 3 and Note 3 Neo. This is the second best S Pen feature, as it comes in handy to perform simple tasks like calculating, on top of all the apps. This is an incredible way to deal with simple tasks, without interrupting other apps.

3. Tap And Hold to Edit Screenshot:

Taking Screenshots has become so common these days, and one always finds it a bit uncomfortable to hold the power button and home button simultaneously to save the screen. S Pen offers this simple, yet powerful action feature. Just hold the action button and long tap the screen with the S Pen. You have the Screenshot ready, and guess what, you can edit the Screenshot as well. Many editing options are available and you can directly share the edited screenshot without any trouble. Simple and powerful, just the right way to describe.

4. Drag And Drop:

This is a superb feature, and a very big accomplishment in the Smartphone arena. Samsung’s Multi Window feature has been taken to a whole new level with this drag and drop option. Using 2 apps simultaneously is one thing, and dragging the objects of one app and dropping them into another app is just mind blowing. Drag and drop option is available only on Note 3 and Note 3 Neo. Just select the drag and drop option when multiple apps are running on multi-window, and you can hold the items just as you would do on a computer. Classic!

5. Air View:

This, is pure magic. yeah, that is an edgy way to exaggerate things, but this feature is worth the exaggerated praise. Hover over the items that you see on screen, and a descriptive bubble appears showing the help description of that item. And you can also scroll through the lists just by going to the edges of the list.

There are many other functions but these are the top ones according to us. Most used, most productivity and simple application have made them stand on the top.