Create Videos On Flipagram and Add Music (Sync Music With Videos On Flipagram)

How To Create Videos On Flipagram and Add Music to Flipagram Video

There are some moments in the life which you want to live forever or at least want some proof that you had live them once. Everyone of us like to keep remembering the times when we lived the best minutes of our life and for that we click them to keep them alive in our memories as photos.

Also, this new technological or I should say the smart world has many ways to save our clicks. But, have you ever wondered doing something different with all these snaps of yours? If yes, then it’s good and if now, then let’s do something today.

Well, there is an app named as Flipagram and does exciting things to your images. Basically, what Flipagram does to your images is compiling them and making a video with your selected music or song in the background and of course, sharing it on the social networks. Now, that’s what I call experimentally interesting.

Create Videos On Flipagram and Add Music (Sync Music With Videos On Flipagram)

The app is available on all popular smartphone OS like Android, iOS and Windows. Also, here is the complete procedure of creating video and adding music to it on Flipagram.

Create Flipagram Videos and Music to It  | Also Sync Music with Flipagram Video Perfectly

Flipagram is very simple to use and the below steps will make sure and that do experience the same as well.

  • First, make sure that you’ve downloaded the Flipagram app and it’s working on your phone.


  • Now, go to the home screen and tap on ‘Add Photos’ to select photos from your phone, albums, FB/Instagram account or the cloud service you use to store your photos.


  • After selecting the photos, check them again and remove whatever you don’t want or crop and edit as per your need.


  • Once done, tap on the Next button to adjust the settings for the Instagram movie. Here you can also add audio, title, manage the speed of the slideshow or turn on and off the auto adjuster. It is set to 15 seconds by default.


  • Now, if you want to tune music for your movie, tap on the Plus (+) available just next to the audio tab. Here you can choose which part of the song you want to use and tune it perfectly according to your slideshow. You can use songs from the place you were getting your images, that is anywhere.


  • You can adjust start time of the music by moving wave from right to left till you get your result.


  • Once you’re done with all the things, click finish to launch your movie, but don’t forget to watch a preview before that.


The video will be saved in your camera roll from where you can share it on the different social networks like FB, Instagram, Twitter and others. There are a few options available at the bottom of including Instagram within the app. I bet it would be very much fun for you while using Flipagram for making movies and sharing them with the world. And, with so much ease of use, it surely deserves a try. Isn’t it?