5 Best Google Apps For Android, iPhone and iPad

Google has blessed us with Android, that is well known. But Google is doing a lot more under the hood. The apps that Google provides in the Play Store are so helpful, productive and clean, that users will not use any other similar app for that purpose. Here is the list of 5 best Google Apps for Android. The list has been constructed keeping in mind the following aspects: daily usage, skin, interface, productivity, applicability.

5 Best Google Apps For Android, iPhone and iPad

1. Google Now & Google Search:

This is of course the most used app by any Android user. Google for all- the phone, the net and everything. This smart search engine helps us find music, contacts, links, apps and everything that the smartphone has. Just say “OK Google”, and you can speak with it to open applications, call people, add memos, perform calculations, and all the fancy stuff that Google does.This is an outstanding app and it clearly holds the 1st spot with all it’s pride. The widget also shows us all the essential content from the net as well as other google applications. Android is just incomplete without this app.

Download Google Now For : Android   |   iOS

2. Google Keep:

Want a reminder that simply notifies you about the task at the time you need? Google Keep is the app you want. This simple and blending app is so clean and productive, that you start using it for all your daily activities.And the Google Keep widget shows all the tasks and quick launch buttons as well. This is the best reminder app, once you get used to it.

Download Google Keep For :  Android   |   iOS

3. Google Goggles:

This is a bar code scanning app, that is what it is mostly used for. But it does a lot more. You can scan the text on objects, you can search for similar images on the web and it also translates the text.This comes in handy when you are stuck up in situations like, when you don’t know what logo it is, or the price of a product, or when you don’t understand the text. Pretty useful app, after all, Google has made it!

Download Google Goggles For :  Android   |   iOS

4.  My Tracks:

My Tracks helps you to trace out your location and check by yourself the speed, distance and other aspects as you move. The advantage of My Tracks is, you can sync it with Google cloud. So, everything is online and you can access the info any time and anywhere.

Download MyTracks For :  Android   

5. Google Drive:

Any documents or files you think must go to the cloud, just add them to drive. They are safe and available in the Google servers. The app is easy to use. Options to add, delete, download and view are all available. The best cloud app, which uses Google’s servers to provide for us.

Download Google Drive For :  Android   |    iOS