Bluetooth Photo Share For PC (Mac, Windows), iPhone, iPad and iPod

Bluetooth Photo Share app is designed for Apple Mobile devices. By using this app you can transfer the photos and contacts from your address book to another apple device. If you want to become the user of this App you must have an Apple mobile device with iOS 4.3 or later, iPhone 3G or later, 2nd Generation iPod Touch or later. The main theme of this App is photo sharing between two Apple devices. You may question that, already there exists a Bluetooth what is the necessity of having this App and the answer is you can expect the exact image – image from the sender. Here photo doesn’t experience any scale down or lossy compression of photos before you receive.

 Bluetooth Photo Share For PC

How To Use The App :

  • Confirm the compatibility of your devices before installing the App.
  • Turn on the App after installing the App which is downloaded from the App store in the both devices where you require a data (PHOTOS/CONTACTS) transfer between the Apple devices.
  • Make sure that your Bluetooth connectivity is ON.
  • Once you open the App push connect , next connect via Bluetooth.
  • Make a two connection to which device you wanted to pair up by clicking Accept from the devices visibility list .
  • Simply push the button SEND and share the data from one device to another.

 Bluetooth Photo Share For PC

Special Features :

  • There is no requirement of  3G or Wi-Fi connection to use this App.
  • Receiver gets the exact image from the sending end.
  • Corresponding Image size and saved location of the photo is shown.
  • You can stop the transfer when ever you  require..
  • Multiple photos can be selected at once and can be send to another device.
  • Bluetooth data transfer has some hardware limitation such that it supports only for the original iPhone or original iPod touch

 Bluetooth Photo Share For PC

How To Download Bluetooth Photo Share For PC |  Bluetooth Photo Share For Mac |  Bluetooth Photo Share For Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch

For Downloading  Bluetooth Photo Share iOS App For PC

Step 1 : Install iPadia/iPadian 2 iOS Emulator on PC.

Step 2 : Open the iPadian and use the search bar on the home page to search the Bluetooth Photo Share app on iPadian.

Step 3 : Once the app is found, install it on to iPadian.

Step 4 : After installing it successfully on to iPadian you can start working with it.

Download  Bluetooth Photo Share For iPhone, iPad and iPod here :  Bluetooth Photo Share