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100 Balls

100 Balls is one of the best game which can be installed in your Android mobiles. It can be installed in your iPhone, and ipad also. 100 balls current version is V 1.0 with size 11.54 MB.

The main goal of this is to get the balls through the glass by opening the gate. You can open the gate by swiping up at the gate. By opening the gate the balls flow through the gate. Color of glass at each level changes. The color of balls changes even when they pass through different color glasses.If any ball does not pass through the glass then that corresponing ball gets disappeared.

Play 100 Balls Game On PC

By moving through higher levels, along with the color the size of the glass also gets decreased. You are awarded different amount of points depending upon the color of the ball. as the level increases the difficulty of the game progresses by increased speed of the glasses. When you lose all of your balls, the game is over. At present there are only 25 levels, many more levels are coming soon.

To Play 100 Balls Game On PC, the user needs to install either the Android version or iOS version of the game on PC. Follow the below procedure to install 100 Balls Game On PC.

FOr Installing 100 Balls Android Game On PC

Step 1 : Install BlueStacks Emulator on your PC or Computer.

Step 2 : Open the App player, use the search bar given to top right and search for the 100 Balls game.

Step 3 : Once the App is found, install it on to BlueStacks.

Step 4 : After installing, open it to start playing the game.

For YouWave and GeneMotion Emulator users, download the Apk file from the below given link and install it on them. After successful installation you can start playing the game.

Download 100 Balls Apk here : 100 Balls Apk

For Installing 100 Balls iOS Game On PC

Step 1 : Install iPadian / iPadian 2 iOS Emulator on PC.

Step 2 : Upon opening, to the bottom on the Home page, a search bar is given. Use it and search for 100 Balls game.

Step 3 : After finding the game, install it on to the Emulator.

Step 4 : Once the game is installed on the iPadian, you can start playing right away.