How to Grow Your Boom Beach Network Through Chatwing Chat Box

Boom Beach is now considered one of the most addictive strategy games of today. Utilizing the same game engine used by Clash of the Clans, Boom Beach is easy to understand and fun to play. Are you a dedicated Boom Beach player and you want to grow your network? In that case, you can benefit from a simple Android chat app called Chat Wing.


Chatwing operates on a simple mechanism: website chat. Through this function, you can grow your gaming network easily. To do this, you must first register in the Chatwing website. Registration takes only few seconds, and you can create your first website chat box quickly.


If you’re maintaining a blog or website, it’s also helpful to embed the Chatwing app there. In this way, your visitors will be able to talk about Boom Beach and other related strategies. This will make your gaming experience more fun.

One of the advantages of the Chatwing tool is its social media integration. With this feature, you can log in with Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Tumblr, and Instagram account. Your visitors can also do the same.

Recently, the widget developers have added the announcement feature. This allows you to make announcements in the chatroom. You can input the font style and size of the announcement. This can help you communicate with other Boom Beach players.

Get Chatwing today and see its positive communication effects. It’s free, and you don’t have to worry about limited services.