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GroupMe App:

The GroupMe official mobile app for chatting and sharing media is now available for almost all the popular mobile OS platforms. GroupMe app is certainly one of the best Internet Messaging apps available in the stores today. It is often considered to the best alternative to WhatsApp, SnapChat and Facebook Messenger as well. GroupMe App For Android, iOS and Windows Phone With the GroupMe app, a user can send messages, share pictures, videos and chat with Emojies and Emoticons. The latest version of the GroupMe IE: GroupMe 5.0 allows the users to send GIF files directly to another user or to a group. And direct meme creation is also enabled, with which a user can upload any image and write a text on the image making it a meme and then send it to a friend or friends in a group. The GroupMe Chatting App can be integrated with Facebook, Gmail and can also import contacts from the mobile phone. Simple to register and start chatting. The GroupMe App also provides its users with full control over the services of the GroupMe App, so that the user can chat, leave, mute conversations and add friends, limit friends etc.

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