Download Jungle Heat For PC ( Mac, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch ) | Download Jungle Heat Apk

Jungle Heat is game of wild jungles, fierce battles and military bases. You can play full version of Jungle Hunt in your Android mobiles or tablets, as well as on Facebook. Tropical Jungle, break with oil and gold and become weak under cruel oppression of general blood.Here the mission is to take the natural riches from them blood thirsty marauders for yourself. The treasures of the jungle in your storage facility will be safe and secure.

Jungle Heat For PC


So, start playing from now on-wards! Reinforce your walls, train your troops and go forth to battle. In Jungle Heat you can develop your own military base into an impenetrable fortress.  You can fight against other players, do away with their bases and grab the treasure. Upgrade buildings and troops, plan your base, and build up your perfect defense and think up effective attack strategies.

Jungle Heat For PC

The battles are easy as pie and each one is unique. The battles are simple and thrilling. You can compete with other players and attack them blindly. If at all you are attacked by anyone, then you can find out who had dared to attack you and take a revenge in turn. Get to the top among your players and score the best among many. Prizes and generous rewards await active players. A very good colored graphics and background music creates interest in players.

How To Download Jungle Heat For PC | Jungle Heat For Mac | Jungle Heat For Windows 7, 8, 8.1 Touch | Download Jungle Heat Apk

The Jungle Heat game is currently available for Andorid and iOS mobile devices and is free of cost. Since there is no official Jungle Heat game for PC, the users need to install the Jungle Heat mobile game on to PC using an Emulator. Follow the below procedure to install Jungle Heat on your PC or Computer.

For Installing Jungle Heat Android App on PC using BlueStacks

Step 1 : Download and Install BlueStacks on your PC from the official website of the BlueStacks.

Step 2 : After installing BlueStacks, open the BlueStacks App Player and on the Home page to the top right, a search bar is given.

Step 3 : Use the search bar to find Jungle Heat Game. Once found, the install the Jungle heat on to BlueStacks.

Step 4 : After successful installation of the game, you can start playing the Jungle Heat on PC through BlueStacks.

For the user who has installed YouWave or GeneMotion on your PCs, download the Apk from below and install the Jungle Heat Apk on to the Emulator you have installed. After installing successfully, you can start playing the game from the Emulator.

Download Jungle Heat Apk here : Jungle Heat Apk

For Installing the Jungle Heat iOS game on PC using iPadian

Step 1 : Install iPadian / iPadian 2 on your PC.

Step 2 : Open iPadian, on the Home page a search bar is give at the bottom. Use it to search for the Jungle Heat Game on iPadain.

Step 3 : Once the game is found, install the game on to iPadian.

Step 4 : After successfully installing the game on to iPadian, you can start playing the game on PC using the iPadian.