5 Best Video Players For Android| Best Android Video Players

In today’s smart world with the evolution of the smart phones we are having many smart video players with exciting features for the user.Now let us know some those exciting video players for Android which are performing well for till date.

1.Real Player:

> Real player is one of the best video players for android where the user can easily access the videos and music albums.

> A user friendly player so that a different number of video formats such as MP3, Mp4 etc.., can be visualized best.

> A unique feature such as YouTube search and playback can be directly done through this player.

real player

> An exciting feature that voice commands and it is made available in 9 languages.

> Auto bookmarking of videos and high resolution is an embedded feature

> And many more features like a graphic equalizer, no advertisements, setting your favorite song as a ringtone, sharing videos on popular sites……..

Download the App here  [ Play Store ]

2. Android video player:

> This can be termed as the easiest video player.

> It supports all the possible video formats like MP3,MP4,AVI,3GP,MOV,MWV,MKV,MPG,FLV etc..,

> Detecting the  videos in the phone or sd card can be done automatically in this player and this player is best known for its smoother video play.

Android Video Player

> Supports multiple subtitle formats and automatic synchronization is an embedded feature of the android video player.

> Technical features like small memory, simple operation, quick start, smooth playback support makes this App as a visual treat for the user.

> High definition, music players, hidden video player, MV, decoder are the additional attractions in the android video player.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

3.  MX Player

> MX Player is a visual feast to the user with many interesting options.

> HARDWARE ACCELERATION  is an option with the MX player can be applied to the many videos with H/W decoder.

> MULTI-CORE DECODING which is technical feature which betters the performance this can be only observed with the  MX player

MX Player

> Zoom in and zoom out can be easily done with your fingertips and with a swipe you can access the next and previous videos.

> By considering the user wants KIDS LOCK  is an option in MX player where you can keep your kids from the unwanted contents by installing additional plugin .

> MX Player has set its mark in tech specifications by providing as many as supporting formats.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

4. HD Video player:

> Supporting formats for the HD video player are  avi, mp4, wmv, flv, mpeg, vob, mpg, mkv, asf, tp, m3u and many many more..

> Unique feature that you can observe in this HD video player is you can watch your camera videos as it supports various formats.

> Automatic identification of the files and  thumbnail representation is a special feature with this App.

HD Player

> Files in flv format can be easily viewed without any additional plugin.

> Deleting and renaming of the file can processed through the app directly.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

5. Mobo Video  Player:

> It automatically detects the video format with the help of the smart core technology which makes the app as a user friendly.

> Supports all the video formats as other Apps.

> Managing the video files in Mobo video player is pretty easy.

Mobo Player

> Every human is having some secrets and privacy which is better understand by the developers of the Mobo video player with the Mobo video player. In this app you can hide your private videos so that it cannot visible to others.

> User interface and user experience has given at-most priority by the developers thus including many exciting features like multi-audio streams and multi-subtitles.

> Playlist, continuous play, resuming video etc are the additional benefits to the user.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

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