Top 5 Best News Reader Apps For Android Smartphones and Android Tablets

The news is nothing but a latest information of something happened at some place. For many years only newspaper is the only source of information, but with the newspaper we can only know about the information which latest in printing of the newspaper.

But with the enhancement in the technology, print media is completely dominated by the electronic media. And in the current busy world where time costs a lot there is a situation where we need to be up-to-date without spending hours together in front of a newspaper searching important or relevant news.

So this task is made so simple with the help of a smart phones by using awesome news reader apps.Here are some news reader  apps for an Android user, Am not ranking the apps, but I have listed them based on rating, reviews and number of users from play store.

1. BBC News

BBC News

BBC News

> You can get connected with all the happenings around the world.

> A clear segmentation of Breaking news, sports, business, technology, entertainment, arts can enhance your reading experience.

> You can even watch the videos or listen to the latest news headlines.

> You can listen live to BBC world service radio.

> Stay connected to the world, even when you are offline because there is a facility to download the latest stories when you are online and can read it even when you are online.

> You can choose your favorite category  and can customize your home screen

> You can send the videos, photos and stories directly to the BBC team through this App.

> Opt in for breaking news push notification.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]


2. NewsHunt : India News | eBooks




> This is one where you can access the content from various regional to international news, best platform to know local news.

> One can access many ebooks besides newspapers and can even shop the ebooks.

> Associated with many regional & national newspapers, websites and all other possible sources where you can access the news.

> Sharing the news is pretty easy with this app over sms, email &facebook.

> One can get a large collection of Indian language ebooks here.

> You buy an Ebook by paying directly with your mobile in addition to credit/debit cards

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]


3. Google Currents

Google Currents

Google Currents

> Get connected to the current world with google currents.

> Visually, it looks like a feast to the reader, simply it is an amazing experience to the reader.

> Magazines from the popular publishers can be accessed here.

> Videos or stories which you like can be stored on your SD-card and can read it later.

> With the help the navigation mode in google currents you can discover the unread stories within the edition quickly.

> From now language is not a barrier to get connected to the world Google translate technology helps you to read your story in a language which you prefer.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]


4. The Times of India

The Times of India

The Times of India

> One of the finest Apps for a news reader.

> You can take the freedom of selecting your favorite category because it so simple to use even if you are new to android.

> The amazing photo gallery is available in this app.

> Local news from 4o different cities can be brought into account, movie reviews from critics makes your movie knowledge stronger.

> Categories like life style makes you connected to the real world trends up-to-date.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]


5. CNN App for Android Phones



> This App connects you to the world where ever you are

> Follow up-to-the minute reporting with breaking news alerts and live video.

> You can contribute your story or opinion to a CNN iReport by uploading your photos or story directly from the app.

> Weather forecast reports are up-to-date.

> You can watch the news live on-air.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]


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