KitSound BoomBar Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker-Black From Gearzap (Review)

There are many portable speakers which can play audio very well with the help of bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other means of connection. But do you know how many of these portable speakers can do well and also include a microphone to answer the calls ? Nope, I see none, may be a few can be found depending the area you live in. Here am gonna giving a review about KitSound BoomBar, one of the best portable bluetooth chargeable speaker with microphone to answer call directly.



KitSound BoomBar

The KitSound BoomBar comes with a inbuilt bluetooth connectivity facility which allows the user to connect the device to any music playing device through bluetooth in an easy manner. The device is capable of playing any file format that is accepted by the device. The KitSound BoobBar also included with a 3.5 mm Aux making the device which a user can play the music either through bluetooth or the Line-in connectivity.

Quality Of The Sound

As per the manufacturing company of the KitSound BoomBar, the device is capable of producing a good and effective BASS sound, but when I personally test it, the device is producing some unclearness when I switch my equalizer to BASS. However the device showed some high quality sound production while the equalizers are set to ROCK or POP. So, apart from the unclearness in the BASS play, the entire audio play quality is absolutely fine.



The Microphone

Most of the portable speakers are produced only for audio purpose, but the KitSound BoomBar is manufactured with a built-in Microphone which a user can answer calls or make calls and speak through the device. When I personally tested the device for quality assurance, guess what, the performance is absolutely astounding and I will suggest the product to users looking for the feature.

The Battery 

The Battery used is a 1000 mAh rechargeable Lithium battery which help the device to serve 10 continuous hours of music playback and sometimes more. But when the user enables call answering or Making a call mode, then the battery life may slightly be less when compared to the battery life in Music playback. The best thing is that, the battery can be easily rechargeable and charges completely in just 3 hours and the battery wears very slowly which is a good asset to the device and its performance.






 The Standards and Stability

The device is made of complete plastic fiber and is capable of resisting to damages to a good extent. The speakers are producing an excellent and quality sound which the user doesn’t need to worry about at all. The KitSound BoomBar weight around 200 gms and is provided to the users in a pouch which protect the device when in off mode and during the transportation. The device has an on and off switch through which the user can on and off the device. Once the Device is on, then the user can connect the device to other mobile devices using the pairing method via bluetooth or through the Aux pin. The user can adjust sound, pause the music, resume the music, make a call, answer a call.

Key Features : 

1. Extremely good quality sound production.

2. Standard Quality of the device.

3. Long battery life.

4. Provided with standard accessories that are available in nearby stores.

5. Easy to use and implement.

6. Quick charging capability.

7. Call Answering and making calls.

8. Can be used in cars, serves a room with music.

Verdict : 

A device that can be used anywhere, easy to carry, easy to use and the production of quality audio makes it one of the best products available in the market. My personal suggestion is that you can simply go for the device.

Grab the device here:  | Price £19.99

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