How To Install Android Apps and Games on PC | How To Run Android Apps and Games on PC

How many of you like Android apps and Games ? Oops ! That must a insane question. Yes, right from the release of the Android OS, there has been a tremendous response for the Apps and Games on the Market store. And the reputation and popularity has gradually increased and now the OS has become one of the leading Operating Systems used in mobile devices in the recent times.

Android on PC

Android on PC

At times, the users might just had got the feeling of playing the Games and using the Apps on the PCs. With this intention, few platforms have been developed through which any Android App and Game can be used on PC.

Here in the context am going to provide 3 different platforms through which Android Apps and Games can be used on PC. Few of these platforms allow iOS Apps and Games too.


As of now, BlueStacks is considered to be the best and easy way to use Android Apps and Games on PC. This process allows the users play any Android game on PC just like how you play on your mobile device and also lets you use the apps on PC.

All that user needs to do is to install BlueStacks App on PC and install the application. Once the application is installed on the PC, then run it to use it. If the BlueStackes app is successfully installed, then running the app leads to a screen where the user is provided with tools including a search bar. Search the desired app and install it. That’s it, now you can open the installed app in BlueStacks and use it just like you did it in the mobile devices.


In general, the BlueStacks app when run, open as a separate window that uses the CPU and PC’s Operating System but is not a dual OS for PC. So, the apps can be run easily and efficiently on PC with out any problem to PC or the Apps.

The great news is that BlueStacks allows the user to install apps from PlayStore and also from App Store. So, the iOS users can also use their apps on PC. BlueStacks supports the following Versions of OS : Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OSX.

Download > BlueStackes for Windows PC : BlueStacks |   BlueStacks for MAC : BlueStacks

Official Android Emulator : Android SDK

The Official Android Emulator is provided by Google it self the the developers of Android Applications and Games which is used to test the apps developed before the release. The application can be run directly on windows of any existing PC. Since this platform gives complete access to the Android, most of the developers it.

Though this platform is much adequate, due to its slow processing, it isn’t suggested for everyday use. This is the reason why users doesn’t show much interest to play or use apps using this platform and it is only used at times to test the beta apps.

To work with it, all that a user needs to do is to download the Google Android SDK and install it on to your PC. One the installation is successfully completed, the your run the app to work with it. After that open the SDK manager then select the tools and click on manage AVDs. Now click on the NEW button and create a newAndroid Virtual Drive with selected and desired configuration. Finally select what you have created and click on the start button to launch the application.

Downlaod the Google’s Android SDK : Android SDK


In order to port Android to X86 platform the community project Android-X86 is used so that it can run natively on AMD and INTEL processors. This allows the user to install Android on Tablet. It was earlier treated as a note worthy project to run on Tablets and low power notbooks.

As of now, this platform supports only few devices. The host site listed out the following devices : Viliv S5, ASUS Eee PCs, Del Inspiron Mini Duo, Samsung Q1U, the Viewsonic Viewpad 10 and Lenovo ThinkPad x61 Tablet as tested device. Also it possible only if you could install VirtualBox on the device to work with it. Since the platform is not stable and inconsistent, the user needs to work on it with extreme caution.

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