How to create USB Recovery Drive for Windows 8

Need for an USB Recovery drive

Windows 8 recovery drives provide the access for startup options, which have advanced repair and troubleshooting tools for Microsoft windows like system restore and system refresh, etc.

I you are having recovery drive crested in flash drive, then you can boot from the instant where windows 8 no longer starts properly due to few reasons which has the handy diagnostic tools. It is happy to inform that you can create the USB flash drives in windows 8.

USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive

The following procedure tells about the creation of USB flash drive

> Open the control panel of Windows 8. Windows 8 having a tool to create a Recovery Drive which provides easy access from control panel.

> Select  System and Security.

> When you can’t find system and security, you should click on recovery button and skip to 6th step.

> System and Security window Action Center.

> Action Center window Recovery (you will see in the bottom of the window).

> Tap on the Create a recovery drive link, In the Recovery window. And Tap yes button then you will be prompting to answer the user account control question.

> The above option will be available on windows 8 which had purchased. If you install the windows 8 by your own, that option will not be there.

> Tap the Next option.

> Recovery Drive Creator will be searching for drivers available to use as recovery drive. In Select the USB flash drive option, select the drive that you are going to use as recovery drive.

> When the flash drive is not found, there is an option in the bottom corner, named Create a system repair disc with a CD or DVD. Click the options based on whether you are going to continue the further process or not.

> And select next option.

> Then click the Create button, in order to start the creation of recovery drive.

> Then you will be navigating to the warning message which shows as “the data’s in the drive will be erased permanently”. When you have any personal files on that particular drive, make sure that you have taken the backup of the files.

> You have to wait when creating a recovery drive for windows 8. It constitutes the process of flash drive formatting. And then it copies the important files in it.

> When the process of creating Recovery Drive is complete, you will be navigate to the message which shows like “The recovery drive is ready “

> Select the finish option.

> Give name for the flash drive. For ex, recovery drive for windows 8.

> Store the flash drive where it could be safe.

> It is applicable also for windows 8.

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