How to Control Android Mobile and Android Tablet From Computer / PC or Laptop

To control your android phone from the browser window of the computer or laptop can be achieved by Virtual Network Computing application in the android phones, mini personal computer or tablet. But this remote login process is too slow. In order to perform some specific tasks, you need to control it.

When the complex settings like server name, password are entered, it is easy to type a loads of words using a physical keyboard. This is provided by virtual network computing. It comprises of several advantages. It is also used for control the home appliances using your android phones. For example alarm setting, charging etc.

Steps to control android from PC

By Installing VMLite VNC Server  on your Android phones, tablet mini PC), you can control the android from PC. It costs about 7.99.

Then Enable the option named, USB debugging on your device. In android settings menu, You will be able to see USB debugging setting under Developer Option.

If your device does not show any developer options, then navigate to the Settings about Device tap on the Build Number five times. Many phones came with an hidden development details by default.

By attaching your device to your PC; In your device, Your computer can attempt to install ADB (Android Developer Bridge) drivers on your phone. When it failed to find developer options, you are advised to download the appropriate drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Then Install and launch VMLite Android Application Controller on your computer which is downloaded from

Select Start VMLite VNC Viewer button in the Application Controller program. Suppose already your phone is rooted means, simply go to the start button of the VNC server.

As soon as the server gets started, the VNC Server applications will get launched. Will launch on your phone with its server started. If it is getting failed, you need to try again. You need to assure that the correct ADB driver is installed.

Establish a connection between computer and Androids in two ways. 

Select USB connect and give ok when you connect android with the computer.

Unplug your Android device and connect it to the same Wi-Fi network as your PC in order to establish a wireless connection. Then unplug the android and connect the android with Wi-Fi in which the computer also get connected to provide wireless communication.

And Navigate to the address of the VNC server in browser. If you are connected through USB, navigate to localhost:5801 else if you are connected through Wi-Fi, type the IP address displaying under the “Browser:” on your Android phone.

Free VNC client is installed when you preferred for a standalone application. You need to type the address to connect.

In the browser, Select Start HTML VNC Viewer or Start Java Applet VNC Viewer on your web page. When the Java applet VNC viewer opens in the new window, it requires Java plugin to get installed. And in the tab, the HTML VNC Viewer runs.

When you finished launching the viewer, you can control the android device from the desktop computer. You can use whatever you want without using keyboard.

In VMLite VNC Server application, you can adjust the few settings by entering the following things

> Menu selecting Settings.

> Check the Start server at boot while your device is rooted to start every time the VMLite VNC Server.

> Click Screen scaling and switch from 1.0 to 0.5.when the screen is unfit to the browser without forcing to scroll.

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