How to Block Websites in Chrome Browser and Firefox Browser ( Windows 7, Windows 8 )

There are so many websites and ads are there in the internet. But some of them will make the people irritated. And some of them are intentioned for children’s which is not safe. And schools, colleges and offices also block the some websites.

If you have some other reasons for blocking also you can use this article. In order to block those unwanted websites, steps to be followed is given below.

In windows 7 and 8 you can block websites easily. The below mentioned process will block any websites like chrome, firefox, explorer etc.

Methods to block the websites

Block website

Block website

Method 1 : By Changing DNS Server

In order to block the harmful websites, the best and easy way to do is by changing the DNS server

> Launch  Control Panel – Network and Sharing Center – Active Connection

> Adapter Setting Right Click on Active Connection go to Properties


> In task bar Double Click on Network icon  select Properties

> Double click the Internet Protocol (version 4) (TCP/IPv4) “the following DNS server addresses”.

> In a given field  Enter the following DNS addresses

> DNS Server(Preferred):

> DNS Server(Alternative):

> Click on OK  save the settings.

Method 2: By Editing the Host File (To Block any particular website)

If you want to block any particular website, then the prescribed method is 2. The process is about to edit the host file in order to block the website.

> Open C/Windows/system32/drivers/

> Host file right click on it select Properties

> In a new Window click Security Tab

> Security Tab Users select Edit

> In next window “Permissions for hosts” select Users Check all the options except “Special Permissions” to allow permissions press OK. (refer the figure)

Block website

Block website

> click on Advance change permission

> In the next Window select “Users Edit”

> Select all the options given in “Permission Entry for hosts” window select OK for all the previous windows. (Refer the figure)

Block website

Block website

> double click on Host file, use Note pad to open it

> your host file will be open in note pad. Then add IP addresses given below and the web addresses after the last line of host code.





Block website

Block website

> Then Save the file.

> Now the process got finished. When you try to open twitter or skype you will get an error message in your browser. You can add so many websites in the blocking list.

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