5 Best Vocabulary Apps for Android Phones and Android Tablets

Vocabulary is a word which took birth from the word VOCABULUM belongs to Latin, later on it is spelled as Vocabularius in MEDIEVAL LATIN. Finally, we had derived the word Vocabulary by combining the English word VOCABLE with VOCABULARIUS in the mid 16th century.

So, what is meant by vocabulary?

Vocabulary is nothing but all the words in any language can be termed as vocabulary. Vocabulary plays a crucial role in developing the language and intra-personal skills. As we consider English as a universal language to be as a successful citizen of the planet Earth, we need to be good at English. To improve your English talking, listening and writing skills, vocabulary plays a crucial role. One or the other time, many of us might have faced a situation where we don’t the meaning of a particular word and to know the meaning of that particular word we might have felt that if dictionary is with me right now it I could learn the meaning of that word, but where as the dictionary is at home or it is in the office. And it is also so impractical to carry a bulky dictionary every where, So now there is a big question mark, i.e. How to build our vocabulary?  The smartest thing or the smartest answer is given in the form of a vocabulary app on your smart phone. Here am listing out some of the best Vocabulary apps which might be useful in building your vocabulary and word skills..

1. Kids English vocabulary

Kids English vocabulary

Kids English vocabulary

> This is a very attractive application for kids as well as adults to improve their vocabulary in a simple way.

> The only thing you need to do with this application is to select on the category you want and start exploring the English vocabulary.

> Learning with this app is made so interesting by pictorial representation of the words, to understand and use them in real life.

> It is valid for children of all countries: Spain, France, China, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Portugal, Japan, etc.

> The vocabulary ranges from basic to advanced level through an intermediate. Your baby and children can learn without being angry English language with many words and sounds.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

2. PowerVocab Vocabulary Word App

PowerVocab Vocabulary

PowerVocab Vocabulary

> This is helpful to the students improve their vocabulary which is like a learning experience while you play.

> This App has a multi-player mode where you can play with other live users.

> You can build your vocabulary through  word scramblers, crosswords, scrabble, spelling bee, word search, hangman, or other word games.

> The words contain detailed definitions, multiple example sentences and phonetic pronunciation of words.

> Audible pronunciation is also available if your cellphone is running on Android 1.6 or above.

> The main advantage with this app is you can learn the vocabulary parallely you can assess your vocabulary by enjoying the game with live users of the app.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

3. GRE Flashcards

GRE Flashcards

GRE Flashcards

> One of the best apps for the aspirants of GRE.

> This is an app which is built and handled with the expert guidance who are regularly associated with teaching.

> 1000 most important words are listed out by the academic experts so that no wastage of time for the aspirant is entertained.

> The entire GRE word list is selected and defined with usage examples by Magoosh’s expert GRE tutors, led by Chris Lele.

> This includes a very powerful technique to learn which known as spaced repetition system, which means Words you are learning will reappear frequently (occurring less frequently the better you know them) and words you already know won’t be repeated.

> Efficient learning for every difficulty level is possible with this app.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

4. Painless GRE 

Painless GRE

Painless GRE

> Another amazing App for the people who are preparing for GRE  and the main theme of the app is to learn GRE in a painless and efficient way with spaced repetition technique.

> This includes most common GRE words with examples, a variety of exercises (word->definition, definition->word, sentence completion, etc.),traditional word cards.

> Offline pronunciation is possible with this App.

> It also has a word list supporting searches by titles and definitions.

> The size of the app is reduced compared to its previous versions.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

5. Learn English6000 Words

Learn English 6000

Learn English 6000

> The main theme of this app is FunEasyLearn is the easy and fun new way to learn English.

> This app includes 6000 words with images and pronunciation recordings by native speakers .

> Vocabulary covers 15 thematic topics divided into 140 subtopics.

> The entire vocabulary has been translated into 20 languages:

✔ Turkish ✔ Russian ✔ Korean ✔ German ✔ Arabic ✔ Chinese ✔ Thai ✔ Ukrainian ✔ Portuguese ✔ French ✔ Spanish ✔ Polish ✔ Italian ✔ Romanian ✔ Japanese ✔ Hindi ✔ Indonesian ✔ Swedish ✔ Norwegian ✔ Danish

> You can select a game out of 7 games to learn uniquely entertaining manner and 3 difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.

> Choose your preferred tuition language from 21 pre-programmed interface languages: English, Turkish, Russian, Korean, German, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Ukrainian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Japanese, Hindi, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.

> No internet is required to use this App.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

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