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How to Avoid Phishing Attacks and Protect Passwords Online

We often receive emails which states that you have won 1000$ or else you may receive messages to your mobiles which tells your number has been selected in a lucky draw contest. Somebody believe those things and doing what those mail senders asking us to do like providing the bank account details, passwords, etc. But

How to Edit PDF Files Online for Free – Top 5 Websites

Nowadays most of the text books, notes and such things are available in online are of PDF files. While downloading and reading those materials, in case of making any modification over the existing material directly through online we are seeking the help of websites which used to do it. Here I share some websites which

5 Best Vocabulary Apps for Android Phones and Android Tablets

Vocabulary is a word which took birth from the word VOCABULUM belongs to Latin, later on it is spelled as Vocabularius in MEDIEVAL LATIN. Finally, we had derived the word Vocabulary by combining the English word VOCABLE with VOCABULARIUS in the mid 16th century. So, what is meant by vocabulary? Vocabulary is nothing but all the words in

How to create USB Recovery Drive for Windows 8

Need for an USB Recovery drive Windows 8 recovery drives provide the access for startup options, which have advanced repair and troubleshooting tools for Microsoft windows like system restore and system refresh, etc. I you are having recovery drive crested in flash drive, then you can boot from the instant where windows 8 no longer

How To Create Google Chrome Themes in Few Steps On Your Own

Customizing the device where we are working is a pleasant thing hence we feel good and it makes more comfortable for us to work with it which increases the productivity and accuracy of the work .wide range of methods are available in customizing the working device, the coolest one among them is customizing the look

How To Protect Your Facebook Photos Online ( Chrome and Firefox )

Though Facebook providing enough privacy for its users but we too need to take some more care about protecting our photos from thefts in Facebook. The reason behind this is, nowadays large number of crimes are happening due to the theft of photos from Facebook. The best thing about sharing a photo is to keep

Top 5 Best News Reader Apps For Android Smartphones and Android Tablets

The news is nothing but a latest information of something happened at some place. For many years only newspaper is the only source of information, but with the newspaper we can only know about the information which latest in printing of the newspaper. But with the enhancement in the technology, print media is completely dominated