WordPress for Beginners : Installation

WordPress is a popular blogging platform and a content management system.  It is a free web software  with a powerful customization. Installing WP is a few click process and mostly takes less than five minutes to complete.

Installing WordPress can be carried out in two ways. That is the manual installation and the automatic installation. We will show you the manual installation in this tutorial.

Before starting with the WP installation you will need the following,

  1. An FTP client software. (FileZilla recommended)
  2. FTP credentials to your hosting server
  3. Database details.

If you have the above details then you can proceed with the following steps.

1. Downloading and extracting WordPress:

To begin with the installation you will need to download the WordPress setup from the website. Follow this link for the WordPress Download. Click on the link Download WordPress 3.8 and wait for the download to complete.


After finishing the download, extract the zip file.

2. Uploading the WordPress files to the server :

You will need to upload the files extracted to the web server using an ftp client.
This process may take some time. After uploading is finished go to the next step.

3. Setting the WordPress configurations :

After successfully uploading the WordPress to your server you can continue with this step.  If you have uploaded the WordPress files to your public_html directory, then you will just need to go to your website url (eg: in any of your preferred browsers. After the page opens you will notice a message telling you that wp-config.php file is not set. You can click on “Create a Configuration File” to create it.



In the next page it will ask you to prepare the information it needs for the installation. Get the details and proceed by clicking “Let’s go!”.



In the next page you can enter the details for the database creation and click on “Submit” to continue.



4. Installing the WordPress :

WordPress will now check your credentials and will take you to the installation page. Here you can click on “Run the install” to start the installation.



On the next page you can create your WordPress account by giving your credentials and give your site a Title.



After filling the necessary details on the page click on “Install WordPress” to finish the installation.

On success it will redirect you to the next page displaying a success message.



You can now click on login to redirect to the WordPress login page. 9

Now enter the credentials created before and login to your account. From here you can start posting on your new site.

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