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In the present day, Smartphones and Tablets play a crucial role in a business person’s life and also in many ways in a normal person’s life. Most of the people consider their pocket PC as a prior one to store their personal data as it always stays with them. What if some virus is injected in to the device and all the data is lost ?, what if you lost the device ? or what if someone stole your device which contain your most precious data or personal data ? So, the developers bring forth some third party Antivirus apps for Android that could actually help the users in protecting their device from all possible malware attacks and also helps the user in recovering the lost or stolen phone back.

Here in the context, Am going to give a detailed description and key features of the Antivirus and Mobile security apps for Android Smartphones and Android Tablets. The Apps listed below are from Play Store and are considered prior to ratings and reviews of the users.

1. AntiVirus Security – FREE

The AntiVirus Security app is from the developers of the AVG Antivirus, one of the top Antivirus developers. The App mainly comprises of 4 features mainly. They are, Protection, Performance, Anti Theft and Phone location and Privacy.

The user can scan the whole device which includes Apps, Music, Videos, Documents, text and many more for viruses and make sure that the date is safe and secure. If the user misplaced or lost phone or the phone is stolen, then the App can help the user locate the present location of the device and track it down. The user has a facility of erasing the complete data and locking down the phone with a password unknown to others.

Not only that, the user also has the facility of monitoring the search history in the browsers of the device, monitor the data usage and set limits, tips and settings for saving the battery. The App is completely customizable. I personally say that this is an all in one app for Android phones and Android Tablets.

App view :

AntiVirus Security

AntiVirus Security

Key Features of AntiVirus Security :

1. App scanning and File Scanning in the real time made easy.
2. Capable of finding out the un-secure device settings.
3. Helps protect and Guard the device from Phishing attacks.
4. Auto kill tasks and apps that consume more battery.
5. Monitors battery consumption, Packet data usage.
6. Locates a lost or stolen phone.
7. Set a password from home to the lost device.
8. Erase the data in the lost phone completely.
9. Trail versions of the App locker and App backup are provided.
10. Locks down the sim, if someone tries to unlock the device.

Download the App from Here : [ Play Store ]

2. Lookout Security & Antivirus

The Lookout Security & Antivirus app features mainly three functions. They are, Security and Antivirus, Find my phone, Backup and Download. However, there are lot many functions that are involved in to these categories.

Coming in detail, the app is capable of providing a strong Antivirus support throughout, which helps in protecting the mobile phone from typical viruses, malware and spy ware. The App also includes the features like monitoring the complete phone and sending the stats to the user in case of a lost phone. And also, the app helps in locating a lost or stolen phone on the map.

Just like the AntiVirus Security App, this App is also capable of locking down the phone with a password and also possible to erase the entire data of a lost phone with one single message. I personally use this app and it works great.

App view :

Lookout Security

Lookout Security

Key Features of Lookout Security & Antivirus :

1. Scheduled scanning of apps and files is possible.
2. Locate a lost phone on the maps.
3. Alarm or ring loud with single message.
4. Lock down the phone with a password.
5. Erase the data from internal storage and external storage.
6. Detect spy apps that monitor on your personal data.
7. Detects malware and Viruses that possess threat to the device.
8. Always backs up the data and you can download the backup fine to use it while restoring.
9. While browsing, keeps the user free from dangerous sites and facilitates the user to block particular URLs.
10. You can retrieve information like contacts, messages and such from the registered app account.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

3. Dr.Web v.7 Anti-virus Light

The Dr.Web v.7 Anti-virus Light App is a basic protection app for Android devices. Unlike the two apps mentioned above, the Dr.Web app is only an Antivirus app. The app’s main features is protecting the device from harmful viruses and malwares.

The Dr.web app provide the user with the function of custom scan and full scan. With the full scan function, the user is able to scan the complete device, which includes, apps, music, video, docs and other files. With the custom scan, the user is capable of scanning a custom file or folder or directory or storage system, so that the user save time in scanning the whole device instead of scanning the file that is suspicious.

Though the app is for basic functionality use, it contains many features that are actually present in the pro versions of the Antivirus and Security apps.

App view :

Dr.Web v.7 Anti virus Light

Dr.Web v.7 Anti virus Light

Key Features of Dr.Web v.7 Anti-virus Light :

1. Custom scanning and Full scanning of the device.
2. Scanning of files in real time and saving the files to device storage memory.
3. The Unique Origins tracing technology helps the user in tracing out the harmful virus and malware.
4. Helps protect the SD card from Autorun.exe infect.
5. The detected files will be transferred to a separate directory in Quarantine.
6. Doesn’t effect the performance of the device.
7. Updates are of small size which benefits the packet data users.
8. Low battery consumption and monitoring the battery facility.
9. Details of the detected malware id explained and Action to be performed on that file is advised to the user.
10. Beautiful widgets and customizing the App is enabled.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

4. 360 Security- Antivirus, Clean

The 360 Security app has features Scan and Remove viruses, Real time protection, Privacy adviser, System vulnerability fixing, Accelerator and Power saver, Floating window, Multifunctional notification, Shake and clean up and Call Blocker.

Though the App has a limited number of mentioned features, the work performance of the app is great with the well work of the mentioned features. Just like any Antivirus software on PC, the app is capable of scanning the whole device for viruses, malware and threats and fixing them. Detects spy apps that monitor on user activities. Advises the user on apps that consume battery and suspicious app and files. Boosts the performance of the device and also fixes the vulnerability of the device. Notifies the RAM usage and cleans up the cache to ensure high performance of the device.

Not one this, the app includes a free call blocker function that lets the user to block the unwanted call by adding the numbers to the blocked list. The dual layer protection is enhanced in this app.

App view :

360 Security  Antivirus

360 Security Antivirus

Key Features of 360 Security- Antivirus, Clean :

1. Scans the device for viruses and removed them on the permission of the user.
2. Scans the apps that once they are installed providing the user with real time protection.
3. Secures your information and provides Advises one the apps and usage.
4. Verifies the vulnerability of the device fixes if anything is bound to get effected.
5. Apps that are idle are auto closed.
6. Clears the entire cache including history of the browsers too.
7. Clean up the device using a single shake of the device.
8. Block unwanted callers using the call blocker app.
9. Consumes less battery and is of Low file size.
10. Monitor app activity.

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

5. Mobile Security & Antivirus

The Mobile Security & Antivirus app is from the developers of the Avast Antivirus. The app is featured with few features like Mobile Security, Find My Phone and some paid features.

This app is something like a combination of all the above apps. It is capable of providing security for the device from harmful viruses, malware and spy apps. Along with that, the app can relocate the lost or stolen device using the web program associated with the app. Serves as guide to the user and advises in case of any attention needed from the user. Provides the user with full control of the lost device using the web program and allows the user to lock down the phone, erase the dat present in the phone and makes the phone to ring out loud with a single message.

Unlike the other apps, the Mobile security and Antivirus app has some premium features that can be activated by purchasing them from the store. The premium features include App locking, Ad detection on any site or page, Password block, Geo fencing, remote SMS, Remote Data Recovery, Remote Identification and backup of data.

App view :

Mobile Security   Antivirus

Mobile Security Antivirus

Key features of Mobile Security & Antivirus

1. Complete scan, Custom scan and Scheduled Scan features.
2. Scans Apps upon their first use which are installed for the first time and makes sure they are secure.
3. SMS and call filtering facility enabled.
4. Protects the device from link based malware and virus.
5. Located or tracks the lost or stolen phone on map through the web program.
6. Monitors app activities and Pack data usage.
7. Detects if any app is misbehaving or found suspicious.
8. Remote control the device from the web program.
9. Auto block password after three wrong entries (Premium feature).
10. Back up all the data in to an online data storage system (premium feature).

Download the App here : [ Play Store ]

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